Revitalize Your Body and Mind with These 5 Massage Therapies

Massage, one of the oldest forms of therapies, has established itself as a pain reliever for a variety of medical illness that can take a toll on the body and mind. However, massage therapy, in general, is beneficial for you. It restores your body and mind. Some of the benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Lowers back pain
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Enhances physical activity
  • Lowers blood pressure

Now, there are a host of massage therapies designed to restore function and benefit certain areas of the mind and body. Here are six popular massage therapies:

1. Swedish Oil Massage Therapy

Swedish oil massage or classic massage promotes relaxation by releasing tension in the muscles, stimulates nerve endings, and increases blood flow and lymph drainage. It loosens tight muscles caused by sitting in one place for too long and physical activity such as exercise.

If you experience a lot of tension in your shoulders, lower back, or neck, Swedish massage can release the trapped tension. You can tell the massage therapist to use light, medium, or firm pressure. The massage therapist will use oil to allow for long and smooth strokes.

2. Cupping Massage Therapy

Massage therapist performing cupping therapy

Cupping therapy uses small glass cups as suction devices. The therapist puts the suction cups on the ski to separate and break up congestion and stagnation due to drawing congested blood and energy to the surface. The purpose of cupping therapy is to promote healing through blood flow.

There are two types of cupping therapies, dry and wet. Dry cupping involves placing suction cups on the skin, whereas wet cupping involves making a small incision on the skin and then placing the suction cup on the spot to draw out blood.

You can use cupping therapy to treat blood disorders (hemophilia and anemia), rheumatic diseases (fibromyalgia and arthritis), fertility, skin problems (acne and eczema), migraines, varicose veins, depression and anxiety, bronchial congestion due to asthma and allergies, and high blood pressure.

3. Thai Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage therapy uses light pressure and stretching techniques to promote relaxation. Unlike other massage therapies, in Thai yoga massage therapy, you lie down on the floor. Thai yoga massage can lower stress, boost energy, and improve athletic performance.

Additionally, it can relieve headaches, stimulate blood circulation, and improve range of motion. Since you are an active participant in this massage therapy, the massage therapist asks you to perform a variety of different pauses lying on the ground. The combination of therapy and yoga helps reduce muscle stiffness and spasms, mobilizes joints, and balances hormones.

4. Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage therapy mobilizes soft tissue such as muscle, body fluids, and fascia to restore your body and mind. It improves circulatory, neurological, and lymphatic functioning. It is a soothing and stimulating therapy that works to create a healthy balance within you.

Therapeutic massage therapy can improve muscle tone, loosen muscles, and increase flexibility. You can use it in combination with other medical treatments for cancer care and wound care, among other treatments.

Massage therapist pouring oil

5. Organic Oil Massage Therapy

Organic oil massage therapy uses oils to repair skin damage by decreasing oxidize stress. It relieves aches, muscle pain, and spasms. Some of the oils your massage therapist may use include olive oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, and more. Each oil comes with its own set of benefits.

If you are considering going for massage therapy, you can choose from one of the following on this list.